Each Monday morning, we have people reporting to jobs that they do not like. The paycheck is what drives them to work, but not the desire to create an impact.


A positive work culture improves teamwork, increases morale, raises productivity and efficiency, and enhances employee retention. 


Work culture benefits:


  • Job satisfaction
  • Collaboration 
  • Work performance 


Most importantly, a positive work environment reduces stress in employees.


As much as they still manage to do their work, can we really trust the quality that they provide?


Enhancing Employee Motivation


 Ideally, when a person is not highly motivated, this will equally affect their productivity. You cannot expect them to give their best in things they do not believe in- you are likely to experience mediocre results. 


The big question is, how can we change this to ensure that an organization unleashes its full potential?


 An organization can make employees stay highly motivated and become more productive by building a positive work culture. 


We have a lot of untapped potentials, and when driven in the right direction, you might be surprised by the energy people can give. It is possible to make a person that is not very motivated in working, change his or her attitude towards work.


 When they start encountering a warm environment at work, their attitude will also change. Most times, average performance comes when someone does not do what they love, and at the same time, the environment they encounter dies not to motivate them towards success. 


Employers are tasked with the great responsibility of creating a better environment to make even those that don’t like their job, begin to love them.  This could be made possible through:


1) Employee awards


How do you feel when someone commends your good work? Good, right? As human beings, appreciation wires us to keep doing good or even aim at doing better.


 As an employer, you could introduce annual awards. You will find that most employees will work hard, keeping in mind that there is a prize to be attained at the end. This will create a positive work culture and make people boost their productivity.


2) Team building


In as much as getting the job done is the main factor binding employees, great working relationships matter too. You need a team that easily relate and one that finds it easy to work together. 


One of the ways of encouraging good working relationships is through team building activities. They help in creating outstanding bonds between people since they have to work together to contribute to the success of the team. 


In such moments great bonds are created. When people can relate with each other, it becomes possible for them to promote positive work culture.


3) Introducing bonuses


Random bonuses given to employees make them happy, especially in instances where they didn’t expect them. You could come up with a problem that needs a solution and promise to give the employee the best idea, a bonus.


 It may not necessarily be an individual task; hence you can assign it among departments. This way, it is even better since people get to work together. 


The task will be highly effective in enhancing positive work culture.


 Highly motivated employees contribute to the great success of a company since you build an organization where people want to work through positive work culture.