Each year, thousands of citizens try their luck at joining the army. The military has excellent opportunities for personal growth. However, you have to know what to expect before you go for recruitment. Here are a few things that you should know before joining the military.

Get into Shape

Military training is about turning an average person into a soldier, a marine, sailor or an airman. While the training involves lots of technical and tactical education, its basis is physical strength. You must meet the minimal physical requirements before you start the training. To increase your chances of getting past the recruitment stage, work on your physical fitness weeks before visiting the recruiter.


A decision to join the military should come from your heart. Nobody should convince you to join the career path. Things are going to be tough throughout the training and the actual job. Self-motivation will get you past these tough times and help you reach your goals in your career.

Discipline is Paramount

There is a reason why the armed forces are also called disciplined forces. You will be required to follow all the rules without fail or being pushed about. In almost all cases, you will not have a chance to disagree with your senior. Above all, accept that you will get regular feedback on your performance and all of it is positive. Work on personal discipline and attitude before joining the army.

Be in Good Books

Beyond discipline, trust and behaviour are some of the things that determine the ability to work in the military. Before you join the military, you will undergo a background check for any criminal records. Records of criminal convictions may disqualify you. However, even if you do not have a criminal past, you should be willing to stay in your best behaviour to climb ranks in your military career.

You Belong to the Government

Once you are a member of the armed forces, you belong to the government. You will have to act, wear and behave according to policy. You will have to know all standing orders by heart and follow them faithfully. There is no freedom to do as you wish when in active combat or resting at home. Be ready to act as required of a military officer throughout your career life.

You can Die

The reason for training is to outmanoeuvre the enemy and eliminate them before they get you. However, there is a high chance that you may die on a mission. There are real enemies out there that will be happy to kill you at the earliest opportunity. Before joining, let go of the fear of death and be prepared for anything that may happen.

On the flip side, you will be trained to fight and kill.  It is pretty obvious until you make your first kill. Be prepared for it. The training will do a great deal of hardening you. However, let it sink in that your work is to eliminate your enemies.

However, the military is a highly rewarding career and creates bonds that no civil job can offer.